At Encore! Performing Arts we offer lessons in music and arts for all ages and abilities as well as entertainment for all special events.

  • Music Ensembles
    • Bambini (6-11)
    • Dynamix (12-17)
    • Harmonia (18+)
    • Encore! Band (mixed)
  • Event Performers
    • Soloists
    • Classical Ensembles
    • Contemporary Ensembles


Music Lessons

Piano Lessons; Voice Lessons; Guitar Lessons; Drum Lessons; Bass Lessons; Saxophone Lessons; Violin Lessons; and additional instruments may be available upon request.

Fine Arts Lessons

Acting Lessons; Art Lessons

Music Reading & Writing

Reading music is an essential part of learning an instrument. Music theory is embedded within each lesson; however, an enrichment class is available to go along with students part of the Music Academy Program.


Music: There are 3 singing ensembles and a studio band. The ages for the singing groups are as follow: 6-11, 11-17, and 18+. The band is a mixed age group. An audition is required for all ensembles. Fine Arts: There is an acting troupe to put on play/musical scenes, and hopefully full productions soon.


Performance time is an integral part of being a musician. We have recitals, café nights/days, and community performances.

Event Performers

Types of Entertainment

Solo Singers or Instrumentalists, Classical Ensembles, and Contemporary Bands.

Personal Events

Wedding Ceremonies & Banquets, Quinceanera Ceremonies & Banquets, First Communions, Baptisms, Funerals, Birthday Parties/Dinners, Holiday Parties, etc.

Corporate Events

Gatherings, holiday parties, and any other special business events.

Involvement in the arts has been proven to improve an individual’s development as a whole, and advocacy of the arts has proven to be a noble endeavor.

Denise Martinez, Director

Whether you want performing arts lessons for your family or yourself, need music entertainment for your special event, are interested in joining our team of instructors, or be represented by the studio as a musician…contact us!


Such a difference in such a short time! Can’t wait to see how she progresses!

A happy parent.